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Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS doesn't really work on X… or does it? [atualizado 2x: funciona!]

Just now, we talk about the first discoveries about the new Smart Battery Cases, bringing the fact that Apple never mentioned that the iPhone XS case would work on iPhone X even though the two handsets have almost identical bodies. Well, now it's confirmed: the accessory doesn't really work on the late device even if you force it. (See the updates below!)

Rene Ritchie from iMore, confirmed that the iPhone X "enters" the case for the iPhone XS, but has no perfect fit as the accessory has a larger aperture than needed for the camera and the holes for the lower speakers / microphones are misaligned. And even if you don't mind these problems, you'll run into the wall: The iPhone X system itself blocks the operation of the Smart Battery Case.

(O tweet from Ritchie has been deleted, more on this in the update below.)

As usual, Apple's website was / is correct.

IPhone XS Smart Battery Case DOESN'T WORK with iPhone X.

The camera has a wide aperture, the speaker and microphone holes are misaligned and the system shows a compatibility error.

(Now I go to the website of feedback Apple to order a version for the iPhone X)

The exact reason for the incompatibility between iPhone X and the accessory is unknown. Sure, there may be some hardware that makes the case impossible for the device to function, but the main suspect is that Apple has purposely blocked compatibility just to prevent users from “forcing” their $ 1,000 smartphone into a case that doesn't fit them. It houses perfectly, providing a less than satisfactory experience.

Or not?

On the other hand, a reader of the MacRumors tested the case on his iPhone X and stated that everything worked perfectly including the speakers that, even misaligned, work “as loud as ever” (in the user's own words).

Officially, however, what is the information on the Apple website is worth and there is clear that the accessory does not support the iPhone X. So it seems to me that it was more of a stroke of luck than anything else.

Update by Eduardo Marques 1/16/2019 s 17:25

Ritchie deleted the tweet and gave the following explanation:

I am excluding the tweet Because the iPhone XS / XS Max battery case is working for iPhone X for some people, but I'm getting results that are inconsistent enough with iOS 12.1.3 that it will take some time to figure out exactly what works and what doesn't.

I sincerely apologize for the test /tweet bad.

Update: iOS 12.1.2 DIDN'T WORK for me with the XS case. iOS 12.1.3 WORKS FOR ME.

IPhone XS Max case CAN reload X to @chriswelch on iOS 12.1.2. To me, NO, even at 12.1.3.

So, huh

More tests!

We are following all the tests and discussions to conclude if the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS works or on iPhone X.

Update II by Eduardo Marques 1/16/2019 at 18:00

And we already have a verdict!

Ok, here is the information 💯% correct:

You CAN use the iPhone XS battery case on iPhone X. You may receive an incompatibility alert. But if you ignore it, it should recharge on a good one. (Update iOS / restart if you can't.)

(Speakers / microphones still won't get aligned if you care about acoustic performance.)

To those who are asking, then, is the answer.