Vídeo em câmera lenta mostra sistema de ejeção de água do Apple Watch em ação

Slow motion video shows Apple Watch water ejection system in action

The Apple Watch water ejection system is not necessarily a novelty, as it has been present on Apple's smart watch since the launch of the Series 2 models in 2016. It works by using the speaker to cause vibrations that push the water out of the watch. Now a new slow motion video shows this feature more clearly in action.


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The video posted by The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube showing this feature starts at 1,000 frames per second and goes up to 2,000 frames per second. It is so slow that you can notice the update of the OLED screen from the bottom.

As the amount of water ejected is relatively small, a macro lens is used to provide a very close view of the action. The combination of macro and slow camera gives the video a really impressive look.

One of the things we see on the video is that, while a lot of water is ejected during the process, some of it is sucked back into the clock. To combat this, the vibration is sufficient for water to accumulate against the speaker mesh. The clock then starts the cycle again, repeating the whole process nine more times.

For those who were curious to see if the water ejection system of the Apple Watch would work in reverse and the video shows that it does. In the video, the watch is placed underwater and you can see it expelling air, creating small bubbles.

The video is a great way to see how the water ejection system works and would have been a good marketing tool had it been published at the time of the Apple Watch Series 2 launch.

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Source: 9to5Mac. [TagsToTranslate] apple watch