Slimbook Battery 3 uma alternativa para gerenciar a energia da bateria do seu notebook com Ubuntu e Linux Mint

Slimbook Battery 3 an alternative to managing your notebook battery power with Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Slimbook tool ideal for managing and saving your notebook battery on Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Many Linux users most likely use laptops, looking for mobility and convenience in getting their work done wherever they go. And battery is an extremely important item because it is a system that balances power consumption with extremely useful performance. The Slimbook Battery 3 comes to help.

  Slimbook Battery 3 an alternative to managing your notebook battery power with Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Spanish company Slimbook sells notebooks with Linux installed in them and may be Kde Neon, Mint, Ubuntu Besides selling with Windows too.

And one of their stand-out apps, which manages the battery management of your notebooks, but can be used on any third-party hardware. Within the application information tab, they would like to thank the TLP, NVIDIA, AMD and Intel people for the message:

Special thanks to TLP (2019, linrunner), Nvidia, AMD, and Intel for giving us the tools they need to make this possible !.

But let's get to what matters, that the installation of Slimbook Battery 3. For now it is only available via ppa, so only Ubuntu, Linux Mint and the like will be able to install it. To add ppa, you have two forms, one graphically and the other via terminal. As we graphically teach in this very complete article. At the terminal, just copy and paste the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: slimbook / slimbook

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install slimbookbattery -y

Having done the above procedure, just wait and restart the system and the settings will be applied.

They recommend not using it together with Slimbook Baterry 3 no other apps that do the same management as they may conflict and not work.

They even provide a manual (in English) showing tim-by-tim each function of the app. It is worth checking. The source code of the app made available via GitHub and Launchpad. Speaking of management, we also did an article on how to install a graphical interface for TLP, which you can check here.

Very useful to have more than one tool for this purpose, especially those who sell notebooks with Linux and still available for use on other equipment, it helps and much who needs to stretch the battery. One hand on the wheel.

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