Slender v0.9.5 [Download]

New Slender verse, 0.9.5.

slender man I believe that if you visit the blog often you should have read something about Slender, which purpose a game that promises, good with the latest posts about the game were a success, I bet they are too. If you don't know the game yet, read this article here.

I bring good news, our well-known Slender has a new version according to the game's official website, v0.9.5, worth checking out, download below:

Version Correes:

  1. Added fog to the forest.
  2. Added an option for rendering distance, tree and turn off fog.
  3. Flashlight now swings when it points to a close page.
  4. The difficulty of the game increases as each page collected will increase on its own if you take too long to collect the pages.
  5. Added a new hidden mode that unlocks after winning the game.
  6. Flashlight battery bug fixed.
  7. Fixed a camera zoom bug.
  8. Gameplay: