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Sleepy Jack – the game of your dreams

The story of the game that we will present to you today is very interesting. It is a child who fights against strange opponents while dreaming. Your opponents: your own toys. And the child, whose imagination of the most frail, has to fight them without, however, being able to wake up. If the game promises? Follow our review on Sleepy Jack and draw your conclusions.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.0.1Mods: RootsSize: 22MB

Our child is named Jack, as you can tell by the name of the game. Jack flies through different worlds along a tunnel full of dangers and obstacles. In this special space world, Jack has to defend himself against his galactic enemies carrying laser guns. Jack defends himself using his toy guns. You can shoot multiple opponents at the same time.

Jack has to collect the objects that appear along the way and thus get laser-like bonuses to destroy several enemies at once. Another example is a freezing bomb that slows down your enemies. It is necessary to get the "Z" not to wake up. And the more Z letters are collected, the more bonus Jack gets. If we want to stop the frantic pace, we can use the so-called Barrel-Rolls. With them, time goes a little slower. Each time the dream bar is at zero, you can use some checkpoints to not wake up.

To pass the level, Jack has to set off a great alarm clock in order to wake up. That done, the game statistics will soon appear, including the score, the number of Z letters collected, and the time it took to level up. The highest scores are left of each category cited. You can repeat the same level as many times as you like to train and improve the score.

There is also a musical level where Jack pilots a kind of spaceship equipped with two speakers. The goal at this level is to gather as many musical notes as possible. If we don't get the background notes, it stops playing and we lose a life.

There are 40 levels divided into different worlds. We may share our score on Facebook, inclusive. OpenFeint is also integrated, allowing us to compare our scores with our friends.


Sleepy Jack is a very interesting game with amazing and fun graphics and a splendid narrative. The music is also quite enjoyable, although it sounds a bit childish. In fact, it's a great game for kids. Although adults can have a great time too. Our team has come to the conclusion that this game closely resembles SpeedX 3D.

Screen & Controls

There are three forms of control for the Sleepy Jack: a classic variant with an analogue stick and a shutter button, a slider control and an acceleration sensor. The choice depends on the user, of course. The graphic resolution of the game does not reach the level of a Shadowgun, but leaves nothing to be desired.

Speed ​​& Stability

Sleepy Jack works great even on less powerful Android devices, as the graphics are easy to adapt. This should be read by every 3D game developer for Android.

Price / Performance Ratio

Sleepy Jack is available in our Market for only $ 1.50. Undoubtedly the price is quite fair.