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Slayin is the free app of the week offered by Apple, download now!

Every Thursday, Apple chooses an iOS app or game and offers it to users for free, like yours App of the week. This time she selected the game Slayin, from FDG Entertainment.

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Slayin test your skills like no other infinite game on the App Store. Don't be fooled by the charming graphics behind and the nostalgic soundtrack. In this game, death lurks everywhere!

Your goal seems simple. Choose one of three heroes: knight, wizard and jack. Then kill as many monsters as you can, leveling up and getting more powerful equipment along the way. But there is a detail: if you die, the game is over!

On your journey, you will travel through countless locations and encounter dozens of different monsters and terrifying bosses. Eventually, you will even have to face a legendary giant dragon. But he does not give up his treasure easily. Only the greatest adventurers will be able to complete this task and become a true hero. Get ready for Slayin!

Check out the unconventional trailer for the game: