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Slax 6.2.0

Slax is a Linux distribution heavily based on the well-known Slackware, however, aimed at novice users on this platform. This system works via LiveCD or USB flash drive, no need to install on the machine.

Slackware has always been a distribution focused on security and stability, yet difficult to use primarily for novice users. For this reason, Slax was created and released so that everyone can enjoy the full potential of this Linux platform.

Graphic Environment KDE

To facilitate the user experience with this distribution, the KDE graphical environment has been chosen as the default, which in turn is one of the easiest to use in its category. In addition, Kde contains very useful programs for its users, among them we can highlight:

  • Amarok: audio player that supports many formats and has many features;
  • Konqueror: window manager full of graphic effects;
  • K3B: CD and DVD burner;
  • Among many others.

    KDE on Slax

Custom Modules

One of the greatest features of Slax is the existence of modules that allow applications to be installed automatically, with a single click. Most famous programs can be installed this way, such as Firefox, Skype, Blender, etc. To access the repository, just click this link.

Slax Download

Slax can be downloaded through two installation packages, one having the extension .ISO and the other .TAR. The first option for those who want to use Slax on a CD media. Already the second link intended for use on USB sticks and USB devices in general.

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