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Slackware opens crowdfunding to keep distro "up"

Distro maintained by Patrick Volkerding, asks for help to continue maintaining the project.

One of the most traditional Linux distros is asking the community for help through Patreon so they can continue the project.

Slackware opens crowdfunding to maintain distro When you think of traditional distros in the Linux world, Slackware appears in various lists and conversations spread across forums and internet posts. Here in Brazil one of the influencers our dear friend SlackJeff, from SlackJeff channel, is very worth checking his content, which first.

Slackware founder Patrick Volkerding has patronized the community to contribute as little as $ 1 a month to help him maintain the structure needed for the distro to stand up.

If you want to know more about the operating system, we made this video with the participation of SlackJeff.

If you want to know a little more about Slackware, check out this mini documentary: To help the project on Patreon, just access this link.

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