Skype will soon allow screen sharing on iOS and Android

Skype will soon allow screen sharing on iOS and Android

If you are reading the , the chances of being that person It's the family that helps parents, grandparents, uncles, and cousins ​​understand and operate in this strange and scary world of smartphones. What do you think, then, of a feature that enables you to do this remotely?

O Skype is exactly with this letter up its sleeve: the latest beta version of the messenger brings, in its version for iOS and Android, a native tool of screen sharing. That is, at any time during a video call, the user can replace the camera image with a broadcast of what is happening on his own screen, making it easier for the person on the other end to support or give a quick hint.

The tool works in the background so that you can exit the app, do what has to be done on the device and continue with the video call running normally during the process. In the case of Apple, this only became possible from iOS 11, when the screen cast API was made available to developers.

It is possible to start a transmission directly by Skype, in the options menu, or by the screen recording button in the Control Center; in all cases a window popup appearing on the screen detailing what happens and asking the user for confirmation so no one goes out sharing the screen itself inadvertently.

At this time, only Android users within the Skype Insider testing program can test the feature; It should be coming soon to the beta version of the iOS app as well. It's not known when screen sharing will make the trip to the official app, but we probably won't have to wait long to increase the limit on people on a video call, for example, it only lasted a month in the testing phase.

Cool, isn't it?

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