Skype now allows calls with up to 50 people; Google Maps and Vimeo get news

And we're back with the most important recent updates from popular App Store apps! Are we going to them?


Skype app icon for iPhone

Skype for iPad app icon

Microsoft's undeterred messenger doubled his group call limit: from 25, it is now possible to have conversations (audio or video) between 50 people at the same time. Good luck trying to organize this madness.

With the new feature, Skype overcomes the limit of FaceTime, which allows up to 32 people in a simultaneous conversation.

The new feature also changes the way a person receives notification that they are being invited to a group call: before, their device would “beep” like a normal call, but now “single” notification, like a message. If the caller deems it necessary, however, they can send you a “full” call notification.

Group calls for up to 50 people on Skype

The new version of Skype also brings new features in group calling: now each participant can manually choose, if desired, which contact to keep in the foreground, overriding the automatic mode that highlights the person who is speaking at that time.

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

Once again, the world's most popular map service borrows a feature from Waze, another extremely popular map service acquired by Google a few years ago. Now the feature in question the ability to report lentids in traffic directly through the app.

Option to warn slow traffic on Google MapsImage: Tecnoblog

Google Maps users had been able for some time to report crashes and radar while navigating; This option now adds the option of reporting “generic” traffic jams, not necessarily caused by accidents. With this, the platform can suggest alternative routes to other users, with more accurate arrival forecasts.

Remember that since February, users from all over Brazil can receive speed camera alerts directly from the app, as reported by Auto sport.


Vimeo - Video Management app icon

Meanwhile, one of the world's most popular video services has updated its app for macOS with a feature that could prove very useful to professional users: automatic video upload.

Automatic video upload in Vimeo app for macOS

With the news, Vimeo users can set up a specific folder on their Macs and simply play there all the files that should be uploaded to the platform; videos will start to upload immediately and upload progress will be paused if your Mac loses its connection, resuming where it left off as soon as the computer reconnects.

The Vimeo macOS app allows users to select the privacy of automatically uploaded videos and gives them the option to edit titles, descriptions, tags and other metadata while uploading. A hand on the wheel, isn't it?