Skype – Forget your landline

Skype has no need to be introduced. The latest fact of this already acclaimed software is that it has everything in the very near future to topple landline telephony. Since Skype has just come out with a new specialized smartphone version, we can't miss the opportunity to talk about the Skype app for Android. See what our team has prepared for you.

Functions & Usage

Everything starts well with downloading and installing the app: no problem. There is, however, a minor problem: After trying to sign in to your Skype account several times, you may not be able to sign in even though your password was entered correctly. Curious, but deep down Skype is well known for technical problems of this kind. And not a very strange being to have more easily with the thing.

Once signed in, Skype welcomes the user with a didactic explanation of its main functions through a few images: chat, free Skype-to-Skype calls, as well as the world's most affordable calls to landlines and mobiles all.

Before you start boring with your friends, you have the possibility to sync all your Skype contacts with your smartphone's contact list.

You can choose from three options:

  • Import all your Skype contacts to your contact list
  • Add Skype info to your current contacts
  • Do none of the options and continue

We decided to continue without making major changes to our Samsung Tablet, but on our Xperia Neo we ended up syncing contacts to see results. It is impressive: synchronization works perfectly and without errors. And it is worth mentioning that you can always make changes in synchronization using the configuration menu.

Regarding the usage parameters, you will find all the classic settings you are already used to. In addition, you can adjust options for sound notifications, instant messaging, as well as audio and video calls. To do this, just check the default cases to get their parameters in order. The fact that, unlike so many other applications, Skype doesn't require you to struggle with messy menus so much.

And as much as Skype is known as a phone service, or at least it was designed for it, there are many users who spend a lot of time chatting. And in that regard Skype also leaves nothing to be desired. To send messages, you can use the normal keyboard, voice command or applications like Swype.

The conventional keyboard is the most effective device. Voice command is a good option for those who are not shy about raising their voice when they have their smartphones.

Contact list:

With just one click you can group all your contacts taking into account the status in Skype. This is quite practical if your case is for those who need to manage contacts. And each time you are chatting with one of your contacts, you will not see the message from other contacts, which means that it is a little difficult to communicate with many people at once. The solution is to go back to the main menu to change the caller.

Phone calls:

The well-known VoIP already works very well, the sound quality being average. But there is a slight delay in the transmission of sound. Especially when the call is being made over 3G instead of WiFi.

Video calls:

It is important that we warn you of something: video calls are still something that deserves to be improved. For now the app only works for versions of Android from 2.2. This may be obvious, but if you don't have a front camera on your device, video calls are completely useless. In WiFi networks, Skype works wonders. I can't say the same when it comes to a 3G connection.


Skype has become the preferred app for anyone who wants to communicate with friends and family, both locally and internationally. Admittedly, video chat is on top, but it still works a thousand times better than with any other app of its kind.

The parameters are simple to set and the app is made to make it easy to contact your friends by phone, chat or video.

Compared to Viber, Skype deserves 5 stars very well.

Screen & Controls

The beautifully designed controls are simple and intuitive. All a bit small if we compare Skype for PC with the version made for Android. Good thing there is no difference between such versions, but it takes a little time to get used to handling Skype on the screen of a smartphone.

Speed ​​& Stability

Skype is very fast, but consumes a lot of battery. This is not, however, a problem that plagues only Skype users, but all those who use background applications.

What impresses the efficiency of instant messaging service. The same cannot be said for telephone or video calls, which are interrupted all the time if they are made on 3G. With WiFi everything works great, though.

Price / Performance Ratio

There is no complaining about Skype in this regard. After all, it is a free service and above all it works very well most of the time. In addition to allowing us to keep in touch with friends and family from anywhere in the world. And even calls to landlines cost little. For Brazilians living outside Brazil, there are very affordable packages. In a nutshell: Skype is worth your smartphone!