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Skype arrives on Android phones

Skype has just announced the release of the final version of the system for smartphones running the Android mobile operating system.

Available on the Android Market, the application allows its users to make voice calls to each other, in addition to allowing the sending of instant messages from person to person, or in groups, entirely for free. If the user wants, he can also make calls to fixed and mobile phones, with reduced rates, via Wifi and 3G.

Users who already have a Skype account, when they log in with their data on the mobile device and have access to their complete list of contacts. Otherwise, you can open an account and be ready to use it in minutes.

Users can download Skype from the Android Market (except China and Japan), or from skype/m on their cell phones.

The system runs on Android 2.1 or higher and has been tested on HTC and Motorola devices. The company says that it can work on other droid phones, but that it cannot guarantee full functionality or compatibility.