Skype 4.3: update brings problems and soon publicity

Skype 4.3: update brings problems and soon publicity

Since yesterday the new version 4.3 of Skype is available for download from the Google Play Store. Microsoft has officially announced that the Skype application will have advertisements on the main screen. It is not yet known whether the new update is the prerequisite for the introduction of advertising. Many users, however, already report problems with the new version.

Skype / Microsoft

There are already many comments on Google Play where users report problems with the update. According to them, Skype no longer works stably, and falls shortly after being activated. In fact, a new function had been precisely inserted to improve stability: during the conversation, the screen is no longer disabled, which should avoid problems with the Wi-Fi connection. Some devices turn off the screen and connection at the same time to save money. drums.

It has not been informed if the advertisements will also reach previous versions of the app. One thing for sure: Those who pay for the service must remain free of advertising. As hard as it may be to believe, the new version also brought some bug fixes, according to Microsoft.

Have you downloaded the update? Please tell us if you have had any problems with him so far.

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