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Skydio R1 drone gains automated fly over water and hyperlapse features

The fully autonomous drone Skydio r1 It has been updated with new features and now has the ability to fly over large bodies of water as well as an automated hyperlapse feature.


Drone also went on sale in Apple stores in the US and Canada.

Until now, the aircraft was restricted to flying at most over small ponds or streams. As the site points out Drone DJ, the new update allows users to shoot themselves while practicing wakeboarding, fishing or even while walking Jet Ski.

The latest update also features the option of a hyperlapse mode, time-lapse photographic technique where the camera moves while the objects on the scene move at an accelerated pace.

Finally, the upgrade still comes with an improved option of "Car Follow" mode, which as the name implies serves to track moving vehicles.

"In May, we released a software update that allows Skydio R1 to track cars. In September, our update included One-Shots, a series of Skydio R1 cinematic skills that let you autonomously capture specific images like Dronie. , Boomerang and Rocket, which have considerably expanded the type of recording you can easily capture with the R1 all without a skilled drone pilot in charge. "– Skydio Official Announcement

Via: Drone DJ. [TagsToTranslate] skydio r1