Skydio 2 has difficulty navigating in the dark, shows video

The drone Skydio 2 presents impressive results of autonomous navigation, at least according to a video recently published by YouTuber Billy Kyle. Except in very specific situations, such as darker places. This is the case of an underground passage where Kyle passes during a moment of recording.


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"Skydio 2 does a better job of tracking subjects when there aren't too many obstacles on it (tree branches, etc.). Beacon's range can be quite inconsistent with what it shows."Billy Kyle, YouTuber

Skydio 2 was launched a few weeks ago, which means that the first batch of the device has already been fully delivered to consumers. The product stands out for its autonomous navigation capability and its ability to track and film a person consistently.

"I hoped the height limit would increase tracking reliability, but it didn't help as much as I expected. I don't like that the drone doesn't follow me directly behind, usually staying in the right or left corner, which keeps me on track." corner of the frame ".Billy Kyle, YouTuber

On Kyle's video, YouTuber rides an electric skateboard while the drone follows and records everything. Most of the time, Skydio 2 works exactly as it should, no problem.

The exception is when it reaches an underground passage. As the unmanned aircraft moves toward it, Skydio 2 simply hesitates, going back and forth. The drone simply crashed as it passed the tunnel. According to Kyle, this was expected from the gadget, as the passageway was completely dark, making it impossible for the drone's artificial visual intelligence systems to operate properly.


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After all, the drone requires a certain amount of light to track its user. This means that it can only be used in reasonably well lit environments. Ideally, the product will work perfectly in places such as beaches, roads and outdoor trails.

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