Drone Skydio 2 ganha Dock, estação de pouso inteligente

Skydio 2 drone wins Dock, smart landing station

Skydio is launching a landing and rest platform for its drone, the so-called Skydio 2 Dock kit and one of the company's smartest practicality solutions. According to Skydio, the small station is sturdy and can be left outside or a building without problems. The idea, whenever necessary, to get the drone to fly and fly over a region with agility.

According to Skydio in its press release, this is a concept that other companies have tried but have gone far from the convenience of, which is being offered only thanks to Skydio 2's advanced and standalone system. Dock on construction sites and danger and rescue situations, with an example image of the box attached to a fire engine car.

The lightweight, compact and affordable station, according to the company, fits in a suitcase and is not difficult to set up with the drone, requiring only a few minutes to do so.

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Skydio's announcement was made during the 2019 DroneDeploy Conference in San Francisco and there are still some regulatory hurdles that need to be overcome. Standalone drone regulations are under constant review and this new application may be subject to a detailed FAA survey and may even affect the station's sales with Skydio 2.

About the legal issues of this novelty, the company explains that it increases by 10 times the return on investment in the product, with drones gaining the ability to work constantly in the background and without the help of a pilot. This gives much more convenience in its use and frees an employee to focus on another function. However, she comments that she knows of the legal implications and discussions that this generates and that she is confident with her advanced obstacle prevention drone. She believes that starting regulation with such an aircraft is the safest way.

Skydio didn't mention when Dock Skydio 2 is available and what are the costs. However, the company said, "If you believe your drone program could benefit from a Skydio 2 Dock, contact us."

Source: Skydio