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Skol brass! Marca takes advantage of Apple's slip in episode of "See" series

The service of streaming from videos Apple TV + was officially launched last Friday (November 1st) with a lot of pomp and big investments in productions. One of the series that received the most attention from the company was Seestarring Jason Momoa (β€œAquaman”). The first three episodes of the production are now available on the service, with new chapters premiering every Friday.

Which no one expected the series to play in a rather curious story. In the third episode, around 23 minutes, you can hear a distant sound of what appears to be a street vendor saying, β€œSkol lato, Skol lato here! Skol here.

The discovery was made by Reddit user Figo01 and soon became a joke in the topic.

One of the comments tries to decipher what might have happened:

S remembering Scandinavian word skl, which means "your health / our health"; common express before gifts. The intern was probably looking for audio for the word and took the first one that appeared.

Our writer Bruno Santana also has a theory: Some audio engineer may have searched for tribal sounds and found that the skol had a good sound.

Contacting Apple's press office, the website TV news He said the company obviously preferred to comment on the case.

Today, very quickly, the profile of the Skol on social media decided to play, with a video from a salesman stating that sending a beer path to California:

In this other, the mark reverses the roles:

And what do you think about this subliminal marketing action? 😝

See one of Apple's original designs for its service streaming, which is available from R $ 9.90 monthly (with seven days of tasting). Remember that when you buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple TV, you are entitled to one year of service for free. If you can not activate, we gave some tips in this article.