Sixth Generation iPod Nano Joins Apple's Classic / Obsolete Product List

Sixth Generation iPod Nano Joins Apple's Classic / Obsolete Product List

Following the timeline, another Apple product will soon get on their classic and obsolete list. This month will be five years since the iPod nano sixth generation has been officially discontinued.

Now therefore it must be part of the products classic (vintage) in the United States and Turkey, and obsolete (obsolete) in the rest of the world.

iPod nano blue, front

According to MacRumors, Apple distributed a memo to its stores and Authorized Service Centers to report that the sixth generation iPod nano entered its list of classic / obsolete products on August 30.

Ma provides repair services for its products for up to five years after they are no longer manufactured. Having this iPod nano been released in September 2010 and discontinued in September 2012 (with the arrival of its seventh generation), Apple now no longer provides technical support for it.

As explained on this Apple support page, there are still some places where service is extended by law, including the US state of California and Turkey. In these places, the product is still called “classic”, but in the rest of the world it is already obsolete. Services in these places will likely end in September 2019.

HEX Watch Band for nano 6G iPods

The small, sixth-generation iPod nano got a lot of notoriety for its square design, which gained extra significance when it was released with accessories and wristbands, essentially turning it into an Apple Watch “predecessor”.

Unlike what was seen in its previous version, the fifth generation iPod nano, it was much more compact without the famous Click wheel, rear camera or speaker. There was only a touchscreen on it and that very practical iPod shuffle clip that made it very portable.

By slightly widening the screen and using the Home button, the 7th generation iPod nano returned to a rectangular design, which Apple continued to use until all iPod nano and shuffle discontinued in July this year.

Apple has not yet listed the sixth generation iPod nano in its public list of classic and obsolete products, but the device will probably be added there very soon.