Six Tips for Less Imported Headache

Six Tips for Less Imported Headache

Six tips for importing smartphones

Choose a good store

There are many Chinese stores available on the internet, and not all of them are suitable or prepared to serve Brazilians. See friends, see who already imported and which stores you used. The most famous are Gearbest, Banggood, Tomtop and DX, but it is worth consulting forums and groups to see if all went well.

Also prefer stores that support Portuguese, and this includes not only the translated site, but staff who know the language to help you with any issues.

gearbest flash sales 1111
11/11 is one of the best dates to buy from Chinese sites. / Gearbest

Choose a good product

There are smartphones and other products in Chinese stores. Today, Chinese manufacturers offer the same (if not more) quality than domestic appliances, but they are not all so. See, for example, our list with some good suggestions.

Research extensively before you buy, and make sure you are choosing something good, even if it takes a little more money and more time.

Pay for insurance and screening

The device will already be cheaper, so do not skimp on these two items. Essential insurance should the device get lost or lost on the way. If you choose not to insure, the store may choose to pay only part of the device, or nothing at all. And that forces you to go to justice, something much more complicated since it is a store in another country.

The tracking code is also important, as the product takes a while to arrive, and having the tracking helps to somewhat mitigate the anxiety and worry that something is not right. Both cost together less than $ 100, and are worth it in case of trouble.

It is very important to read the terms of the store you are buying in to be aware of how it works, including postage deadlines, warranty (yes, they do exist, although they are a bit complicated), refunds and contact.

AndroidPIT Xiaomi mi mix 2 2275
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Xiaomi has left Brazil, but you can still buy from websites out there. / AndroidPIT

Combine money with taxes

When you care about something, you are prone to be taxed according to the value of the product. It is the law that imports from legal entities should be taxed at 60% of the value of the product, plus its shipping. But because they don't have enough staff for more effective enforcement, many products end up going through the IRS at no charge.

Still, better not to count on luck. Always predict the expense taking into consideration the total value of the product, with shipping, insurance and tax to have no surprises on the way. If the product is taxed and you cannot afford it, it will be returned or withheld by the Revenue, and you lose the device. Leave the tax amount in a savings, so if it is not taxed, you have already started an investment.

And remember. By choosing the most expensive and fastest freight, such as EMS or DHL, your product actually gets faster, but has a 100% chance of being taxed. Simpler freight takes longer, but may not be taxed.

Hold on anxiety

Your product take, with luck, at least 20 days to arrive. In the most common purchases, it will be 40 days and, in abnormal but possible cases, it may take more than two months for your so dreamed encounter.

The big tip is not to be anxious. Track the tracking number (there are apps that help you with that) and know that sometimes the product may stall for weeks somewhere, and suddenly start walking again.

Often the product will take a week to arrive from China (or another deposit around the world, like yours) to Brazil, and then take a long time stalled and crawling through the Brazilian Post Office. So sit back and wait, and don't sell your smartphone before you get yours from China.

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Don't forget to put the Post Office in this equation / AndoridPIT
<h2>Know the risks</h2>
<p>It's not an insane adventure to import from China, but I need to know that there are risks. We have the delay in delivery, the possibility of loss and a longer time to solve any problem. Did the device get lost on the way? It may take more than ms to give you the money back.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Need to trigger the warranty? Think carefully. You will have to pay an international freight, wait for the device to arrive there and wait for the money or the device to be returned to you, going through new freight and new possibility of taxation. Take these factors into account and the surprises will be minor.

What are your best tips for those who will care?

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