Six tips for getting the most out of your Netflix on Android

Six tips for getting the most out of your Netflix on Android

Save data

Sometimes the place where you will watch your shows and movies does not have a WiFi connection, so you need to appeal to mobile data. But you can't waste it either, so you better save what you want.

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Save data by watching Netflix / AndroidPIT

In the Netflix app, go to the hamburger side menu and, below, choose "App Settings". Inside, go to "Use data from cellular network" and select "Save data". If your WiFi is also oscillating and flipping and moving with your data, enable the "WiFi only" option.

Download to see later

Another wonderful option, which appeared recently in the streaming service, is the ability to download the content you want to watch to be consumed without the need for WiFi or data.

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Download and watch even without a connection / AndroidPIT

In the side menu, select "Available for download", and you can check out the downloadable collection. For serials, you can even choose to download just a few episodes.

Save space on downloads

The function of downloading movies and serials is cool, but we don't always have space left on the smartphone. There are two tips for this. First go to the side menu and under "Application Settings" go to "Downloaded Video Quality" leaving the Standard mode which uses less space selected.

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Leave it all in the memory card / AndroidPIT

Then, in that same area, go to "Download Location" and select your microSD memory card. Thus, you do not overload the internal space of your smartphone.

Learn what's new and choose movies more easily

We often don't know what to watch on Netflix (apart from the new Stranger Things season, of course), but there are two ways to have good recommendations without having to test your friends' patience all the time.

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Upflix shows what arrives and what leaves / AndroidPIT

Install on Google Play

You can download the free Upflix app that keeps you informed of all the news coming to Netflix. You choose the country and the app will show you not only what's coming, but also the movie or show grade on IMDB, Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes. If you play, it takes you to the official Netflix app. And to run, it also tells you which content is coming off the platform soon.

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Roulette by app or by site / AndroidPIT

Flix Roulette
Install on Google Play

Another tip is the Flix Roulette app, which will randomly suggest you a title. But even randomly. There may come children's animations, action, foreigners, anything. At the very least, you can choose if you just want movies or series, the minimum and maximum rating and even risk some director, actor and keyword filters. If the app is not live, use the site.

It's not running the movie

If by the time you can sit back and watch something the movie or TV show is not running, try two things before you get stressed out. First, Netflix itself reports that at peak times many people using the service can bring down quality for everyone, even lead to stumbling blocks.

So choose times that are less likely to have people watching. That will mean more alternate hours, like two in the morning or even two in the afternoon, but it might work.

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Before playing the smartphone on the wall, test the connection / AndroidPIT

It is also important to make sure that the problem is not in your connection. In the side menu, go to "About" and then "Network" and ask for "Start test". Netflix's own app will further show if the Android server and its connection are ok.

Show Netflix what you like

At times when we browse the extensive Netflix library without really intending to watch anything, take the time to put movies, series, documentaries and other titles on your list. The more complete it gets, the more Netflix will understand what you like and make more accurate suggestions.

netflix android 7
Open for the app / AndroidPIT

The same goes for the assessment of titles. Formerly it was possible to give a number of stars, but today like YouTube: just liked or not liked are available. So be sure to always evaluate, because this is another way Netflix can tell you new and good content.

Do you watch Netflix? What good tips do you have to indicate?

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