Six celebrities who are or have been on dating apps | Internet

Relationship apps have been increasingly adopted by people who want to meet new people, whether to have a serious relationship or just to go out on casual dates.

And with celebrities it would be no different.

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While celebrities like Anitta and Luciana Gimenez turn to the popular Tinder to get matches, personalities like Cleo, Bruna Marquezine and Ben Affleck prefer a little more exclusivity and opt for Raya, a relationship app for celebrities and millionaires.

In the list below, check out other stars that are already or have been on dating apps.

What and how Tinder works

What and how Tinder works

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After participating in a viral challenge on social media and asking followers about whether or not to join Tinder, singer Anitta created an account on the flirting app right in the middle of the stage.

In January, she took advantage of the break from the rehearsal show at Bloco das Poderosas, in So Paulo, to set up the account on the app.

"If you found an Anitta, it's not fake, it's me," she said in a video published on Instagram Stories after the show.

Days later, the singer made an advertising post on the same social network announcing that she was the new ambassador of Tinder at the Brazilian carnival.

In an interview with presenter Matheus Mazzafera, actress and singer Cleo confessed that Raya, a relationship app known as "Tinder of millionaires and celebrities", is on the list of apps she doesn't live without.

To be part of the Raya community, it is necessary to fulfill a series of criteria, such as having influence on Instagram and passing the approval of a committee that evaluates its "degree of beauty".

In 2019, after the meeting of the actress Bruna Marquezine with the model Younes Bendjima, ex-boyfriend of the American socialite Kourtney Kardashian, many began to speculate that the Brazilian was part of the user community of Raya.

To end the rumors, Bruna explained to Instagram followers that she had already used the relationship app, but ended up disabling the account.

It seems that she was not very lucky in "Tinder for rich": "I never met anyone in the app", she confessed.

The model Geisy Arruda announced, at the end of the last year, that she is looking for a new love in the popular Tinder.

Even with the public announcement made on Instagram, many people who matched the influencer did not believe she was the person in the photos.

Geisy's profile is being called "fake", and it hasn't been easy for her to find a match on the app.

Actor Ben Affleck is reportedly using the relationship app Raya to search for a woman who looks like his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

In an interview with the website US Weekly published this Tuesday (11), reality show presenter Patti Stanger, who used the app, said she had already come across Batman's interpreter "a million times" on the platform.

Apparently it is not Ben Affleck who is trying to overcome a termination with the help of Raya.

After the end of his relationship with singer Jessie J, actor Channing Tatum was spotted on "Tinder for celebrities" in December 2019.

An unnamed source told the website AND! News that the "Magic Mike" star had joined the platform a few weeks ago.

The actor and singer, however, resumed their courtship.

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