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Site talks about some possible “iPhone 7” prototypes being tested at Apple

Everyone knows that, until a given Apple product reaches the final version on the market, the company tests numerous variations in its laboratories. Some of them “leak” in rumors that never materialize, others do not even reach us.

Yesterday, the site G for Gadgets released some possible information on prototypes of the iPhone 7 obtained in China. Some make sense, others not so much; we are bringing it to c just so that we can discuss the possibilities together.

According to them, Apple would be experimenting with variations of future iPhones with a number of new technologies, including USB-C connector (would it open the Lightning's own hand?), Wireless recharge (hopefully not) over there Samsung), a kind of "Multiple Force Touch", configurations with two rear cameras, Touch ID directly on the screen (would that be the end of the Physical Start button?), AMOLED display and others. The iPhone incorporating AMOLED screens is a high expectation, but recently a Japanese vehicle said that this would be planned only for 2018. Recently, there was also talk about the end of the 3.5mm headphone output.

It is worth remembering that, at this point in the championship, Apple has already finished or is very close to finishing the iPhone 7 project that will be launched in the second half of 2016. By then, it needs time to manufacture test units, make checks and approvals, possible final adjustments, etc. in time for automakers to prepare for the start of mass manufacturing.

(via BGR)