Site has access to screenshots of the awaited iTunes 12.4

Along with OS X El Capitan 10.11.4, at the end of March, Apple also made iTunes 12.3.3 available, but it came with absolutely nothing new, besides bringing sync support with the iPhone SE and the 9.7 iPad Pro inches. It has been a while since the company promised a better update for him, and it will arrive soon as iTunes 12.4.

THE MacRumors had access to a preliminary compilation of the new version and shared some screenshots:

ITunes 12.4 screenshot“About” screen showing the iTunes 12.4 build
ITunes 12.4 screenshotNew menu drop-down navigation by themselves
ITunes 12.4 screenshotMenus will be slightly reorganized and simplified
ITunes 12.4 screenshot“Next” feature ("Up Next") gains a button to the right of the breeding area

It is not really very drastic, maybe in iTunes 13 of life, coming with OS X macOS 10.12 11? , but it should slightly improve the user experience.

This iTunes 12.4 is expected to be released in the next few weeks, until the end of May or later June. We'll see

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