“IPhone 7” mockup

Site claims to have put its hands on the “iPhone 7”, details news such as sealed SIM tray and fixed Home button

I can see the following scene: Wednesday, two o’clock in the afternoon, Brasília time, Tim Cook enters the stage of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in sports clothes and, amused, he speaks to the crowd present: “What are you doing here? You already know by heart everything that we have to say. Let’s go to Starbucks for a latte pumpkin spice and celebrate Brazil’s independence ”. Enthusiastic applause follows!

I may be delusional, but the fact is that exposing the theoretically secret next big Apple release, the “IPhone 7”, has already reached quite ridiculous levels. Today, for example, we already publish the supposed benchmark of the device and now we have this one: the Vietnamese website Tinhte.vn claims to have put hands [Google Tradutor] in the new generation of the smartphone and has a series of news to tell – or rather, confirm – the world.

“IPhone 7” mockup“IPhone 7” mockup

The device that the website says it has obtained is the 4.7 inch device, so presumably the least stout in the new line. Still, the details shared by our friends on the other side of the world are interesting: the “iPhone 7” is capable, for example, of recording videos in 4K at 60 frames per second, something that no other mobile device does today.

Regarding the design, no photos of the model were shared – which definitely puts a question mark about the veracity of the facts, but the site has a notable history of reliability. Anyway, journalists confirm the existence of the new darker black color, including the matte Apple logo (the brand will remain bright in other colors).

The volume buttons have also changed: there would no longer be a hollow connecting the two, which are now “loose” on the side of the device.

The site also talks about the supposed new capacitive Home button, which works through 3D Touch. It requires a certain amount of applied force to work, not just touching the area to take the user back to the home screen. The action is followed by a vibration that simulates the physical click, just like on the trackpad of the latest MacBooks.

Finally, one of the most interesting novelties lies in a tiny piece: the SIM card tray, according to the report, now has an internal rubber frame to seal the device. This, of course, would confirm rumors that the “iPhone 7” will have the IPX7 certificate of water resistance and other external agents, similar to the Apple Watch.

Is it real? Are we being plucked out? We have less than 48 hours to find out – if Apple still takes the trouble to set up an event, of course. ?

[via 9to5Mac]