Site allows you to "try" new iPhones

Site allows you to "try" new iPhones

Considering that at least in the dedicated Apple blogosphere today is all about launching iPhones XS / XS Max It's from Apple Watch Series 4 , nothing makes more sense than Apple launching a kind of special “microsite” for potential (or curious) consumers to get a taste of the new devices and take some basic doubts about their versions and the comparison with previous models. Well here it is!

Microsite presenting the new iPhones XS and XS Max

The special page, which can be accessed at, has some peculiarities. The first is that we are dealing with one of the first instances in which Ma publicly uses the .apple domain, which was purchased in 2015 and is still used today on rare occasions. In addition, the website is exclusively made for mobile devices if you try to access it from a computer, you will be asked to re-access it in Safari or Chrome from a smartphone or tablet.

In terms of content, we don't have a lot of information, just the basics, even, to satisfy the first doubts. We can see 3D models of the iPhone XS and XS Max side by side, change their colors and wallpapers, and compare their sizes with those of the 8/8 Plus. And s; for more information, Apple sends you to its website complete with pages and more pages of attractions of the new devices.

Still, cool, huh?

via iClarified