Siri wins Emmy for voice browsing and Apple TV interaction

Siri wins Emmy for voice browsing and Apple TV interaction

No, you didn't read it wrong, Apple just win an Emmy that annual prize given to various segments of television.

But don't be surprised, this has happened before, when a Ma commercial was awarded in 2014 and also when the entire Apple ecosystem was awarded in 2013, in the US. Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards (Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering). For this same award announced again that the company would receive an award, now specifically aimed at Apple TV and its virtual assistant.

The Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards They have always recognized the talented and innovative leaders and companies that made the amazing world of television possible.

The category “Contextual Voice Navigation for Discovering and Interacting with TV Content” (“Contextual Voice Navigation to Discover and Interact with TV Content”) awarded Apple for Siri's integration with Apple TV, which was introduced in its fourth generation launched in 2015.

But this was not a privilege of Ma alone; three others were also awarded in this category: Comcast, Universal Electronics (UEI) and Nuance Dragon TV.

The awards will be presented at the event of the Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB Show) on April 8, 2018, a Sunday in Las Vegas (Nevada, United States).

Surely you must be thinking, “How can Siri win a prize as cool as this being Siri?” Now, my dear, we need to remember that the virtual assistant we know here in Brazil (in Portuguese) goes far from what she was designed. to be is, believe it or not, works in countries where it is supported on Apple TV.

There are several commands on Apple TV, such as searching for movies by title / category, asking you to turn subtitles on or off, sending back or forwarding a few minutes / seconds, starting playlists, fetch content on YouTube and everything, entirely by voice, as if you were really talking to her.

Rumors point that we'll soon see Apple's fifth generation at a special event likely to happen in September, when the new iPhone will be unveiled. If this happens, we expect at least the new Apple TV to come to Brazilians with all its features, including an improved Siri, no. Please apple

via TechCrunch