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Siri may be able to answer medical questions in the future; political questions would be “diverted”

Remember that former Siri boss Bill Stasior stated a few months ago in an interview that no virtual assistant (including Ma's) “keeps the promise to understand us”? Apparently, Apple was intrigued by this and decided to go hand in hand to evolve Siri's characteristics in the not too distant future, as seen in an internal document released by The guardian.

According to this document, Apple is working on new features for Siri that could be released in the second half of 2021 (in time for the release of the future iOS 15), including a new category of answers related to medical questions.

The publication did not elaborate on the appeal, but presumably Siri would become better able to answer questions associated with physical and mental health. This kind of "breakthrough" is even more likely considering that Ma's own CEO, Tim Cook, said that "Apple's biggest contribution to humanity will be in the area of ​​health."

The document also reveals that Apple is increasingly striving to ensure that Siri responds in the “most neutral way possible to sensitive topics” such as those of a political nature. Thus, when such questions are asked as a virtual assistant, they are likely to be "diverted" to third party sources such as Wikipedia.

The document also lists a curious feature of Siri, claiming that the virtual assistant was not created by humans: The true origin of Siri is unknown, even to Siri; but it was definitely not a human invention. ”

In a statement provided to the The guardian, Apple explained that Siri's goal "to provide inclusive responses instead of offering opinions":

Siri is a virtual assistant designed to help users get things done. The team works hard to ensure that Siri's answers are relevant to all customers. Our approach will be factual with inclusive responses rather than offering opinions.

Such updates to Siri's functionality and behavior would be being made to integrate a new type of Apple hardware (possibly a new HomePod), but there is not much information about it. In addition, Ma's virtual assistant is likely to support the Search feature (Find My, from iOS 13) and simultaneous translation.

via MacRumors