Siri is the second largest “smart” assistant used in work environments

Believe it or not: Siri is the second largest “smart” assistant used in work environments

Amid complaints regarding Crab which can be seen very well in the comments section in a post from us yesterday and all dissatisfaction with it is not yet what it could be, a somewhat contradictory survey was published by Spiceworks, firm and website of IT professionals: according to the survey results, Siri second largest ?smart? assistant used in work environments.

Analyzing companies of various sizes (including small and medium), the Cortana, from Microsoft, the most widely used smart assistant in the workplace, most likely because they work a lot with computers running Windows. The Microsoft assistant currently used by 49% of companies and 13% plan to use it over a period of one year. Apple’s was right behind, with 47% currently using it and 5% with plans to start using it.

Siri corporate environments

Third place went to Google Assistant, with 13% of companies currently using it, plus 9% with the intention of doing so in the next 12 months. Amazon, with its Alexa, came in fifth with 13%, still behind the so-called ?Chatbots?, who achieved 14%, and who still help many companies, especially those that are used to Microsoft Teams, Slack and others.

This Spiceworks survey was conducted in March 2018, with 529 respondents in North America and Europe. Those who responded came from various sectors, including manufacturing, health, non-profit organizations, education, government and finance.

Of course, perhaps Siri is doing well in the race for virtual assistants in the workplace as it is present natively on Apple devices and, if the person has a Ma device, it is the most obvious (and fastest, probably) way to use it. it from the factory solution. Even so, it is quite large data for the amount of discontent among users that the assistant has aroused.

The hope that, in fact, it can be considered not only one of the most used, but also one of the best that are totally different things. Perhaps the hundreds of engineers being hired to focus on it will solve this issue so we hope.

via Apple World Today