Siri is a major focus of Apple's Seattle expansion

Just yesterday, we talked about Apple's newly revealed plan to expand its operations in Seattle (United States), creating about 2,000 new jobs in the city over the next few years. What was not known, then, was which areas Ma would focus on on this onslaught now, however, we have a suspicion.

O Geekwire surveyed Apple's recently opened jobs in Seattle and found that of the 50 jobs offered, 32 are on Crab. This figure is also representative when considering that worldwide there are only 245 assistant related vacancies open at the moment ie almost 15% of all open positions for her are concentrated in Seattle, representing Siri's largest presence outside Silicon Valley.

Among Siri's top jobs for Seattle, we have one for a “senior engineering manager” for assistant integration with Apple Maps and one for a software engineer who “manages and extends infrastructure, algorithms, and APIs. that make Siri move forward, understand, plan, speak and remember. ” , in the cookie, no.

Focusing efforts on the digital assistant in the Pacific Northwest port city is hardly a surprise. Two of Siri's main competitors also have their development (or at least part of it) concentrated in the Seattle region: Alexa and the Cortana. THE Amazon has one of its headquarters in the city (a few blocks from Apple's offices, incidentally), while the Microsoft has a fixed residence in Redmond, in the same metropolitan area. O Google, in turn, does not undertake development of its assistant nearby, but has a cloud operations team working in Seattle.

Siri's "move" to Seattle is therefore strategic for Apple: being in the digital assistants' capital, Ma can make contacts and hire area talent much easier, finally giving a breakthrough tool that has been stagnant for years. and behind its main competitors.

To be?

via AppleInsider