Simplify organizing your image library with BestPhotos

In the past, each click on the camera button was one less exposure of the movie, so it was important to know how to take a picture well. Nowadays, on the other hand, people can capture serial photos and record dozens or even hundreds of images within hours.

For those who have an iPhone with plenty of internal storage, perhaps the number of images is not a problem; However, those with limited living space choose which photo to delete in order to take another one. If you fit in the last situation and no longer want to spend hours selecting photos, I present you the app BestPhotos.

BestPhotos app icon

More than an app that helps you erase similar or unnecessary photos, BestPhotos has some unique features that allow users to better organize their libraries easily and especially quickly. This week, the app received a major update and had its interface completely revamped, in addition to earning a Night mode and other news.

BestPhotos separates your photos into different categories and you can view your entire collection of images or filter them by areas such as images that don't have location data, Portrait Mode photos that include a copy of the image you want to discard, image copies in HDR and videos and these are just a few.

Duplicate images

You can also access images based on the date they were taken and manage the albums that are created in the Photos app by third party apps (this is, in my opinion, the worst). In this update, BestPhotos has gained support for Siri Shortcuts, which allow you to quickly access a specific photo category as well as smart searches.

Similar to Tinder, you can swipe left to delete a photo or then right if you want to favor it. The app also offers the option of comparing two images side by side, if you're in doubt about which one to discard that looks great in iPad landscape mode.

BestPhotos on iPad

Basically, the news of this version of BestPhotos are:

  • Delete and hide many photos at once;
  • Quickly search recent images, specific years, or albums;
  • Add photos or videos to new or existing collections
  • Automatically find and delete duplicate photos;
  • Configure Siri Shortcuts to go back to a date;
  • View library statistics about your last 12 months in photos.

BestPhotos Statistics

Some of these features, such as what you find and delete photos automatically, are only available to those who buy the in-app bundle that costs $ 10. If you do not want to spend on Best Features, the app offers some features for free. What's new in BestPhotos version 2.0 is now available on the App Store.

via MacStories