Simple T for Twitter, PhotoTangler, PDF Compress Expert and more!

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THE Simple T for Twitter is another Twitter client option, created by New Mobile Way folks.

The application has a very clean and simple interface, optimized for various screen sizes, with support for any orientation and even integration with Apple Watch.

In addition to quick access to the timeline, your recent responses, as well as searching for authors and hashtags are a touch away. Shortcuts and a thorough search close the feature pack for this alternative to the Twitter application itself or the popular Tweetbot.

Simple T for Twitter app icon

Nota on the App Store

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How about trying this option more to follow Twitter? ?

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Below are other applications / games that together add up almost R $ 34 discount:

IOS Apps

PhotoTangler Collage Maker app icon

Photo collage.

Untitled - Screenwriting Notes app icon

Turn life into a series.

Qoin - Expenses and Incomes app icon

Financial manager.

GoRemo app icon: GoPro remote for wrist

Remote control for GoPro on your Apple Watch.

MacOS app

PDF Compress Expert app icon

Utility for PDF files.

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