Silly Squilly: Flappy Bird Became a Squirrel

The Flappy Bird phenomenon has passed, but not without leaving a legion of illegitimate copies and heirs. One of the most successful successors Silly squilly. As difficult as Flappy Bird, the squirrel game at least gives us the illusion of being able to advance more easily. See what was the strategy used by the developers.

silly squilly1 teaser
Kerk Studios / AndroidPIT

The graphics are almost the same, with the 8-bit retro look that seems to be the new game fad mobile. The principle of the game, however, is different. If on Flappy Bird you had to maneuver an obese bird between narrow pipes, on Silly Squilly the illusion of absolute freedom: the squirrel jumps freely, and you must build platforms with clicks to keep it jumping. Each successful jump counts one point.

The difficulty of the game is that we do not know which way the squirrel will jump. If it gets too close to the edge of the screen or if you misplace the platform, it falls into the abyss and you must start from scratch. Very annoying, like the original bird game.

silly squilly screens
Left: Silly Squilly in full somersault, difficult: the game is over and you must start from scratch. / Kerk Studios

Silly Squilly – Hop To Top
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Silly Squilly – Hop to Top
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