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Silicon Valley VR: Inside The Hacker Hostel Arrive for HTC Vive

HBO series "Silicon Valley" fans, which will debut on season 5 on March 25, will enjoy an interactive experience in the world of technology series. The Silicon Valley VR app: Inside The Hacker Hostel is coming soon to the HTC headset with the proposal to show the show backstage in virtual reality.

The app will show the Silicon Valley team's workplace and other scenarios, as well as request interactive user tasks through Pied Piper team videos.

Some key cast actors even appear in the VR scenes, and the in-app experience is likely to be Job Simulator. The developers of the feature captured 369 images of the series environment to recreate it in virtual reality. A date has not yet been set for when the app will be available on HTC Vive, but we hope it will be within a few days, just after the series returns on the 25th.

Via: Engadget