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Sigma fp the smallest and lightest mirrorless camera in the world

Sigma Corporation recently unveiled the Sigma fp camera (which is even lower case), which would be the lightest and most compact mirrorless model in the world today. Despite its compact, mobility-focused design, the product features a 24.6 MP resolution Full-Frame Bayer backlit filter.

According to the official website of the product, the camera weighs only 370 grams when it is without the battery and memory card, measuring 112.6 69.9 45.3 millimeters. This makes it easy to carry the device in your pocket, but without taking away the key features of the device.

Image: Sigma / Dissemination

The camera body is made of aluminum for strength and lightness, and the design is inspired by professional movie cameras, with a heat dissipation system that includes a heat sink that sits between the 3-inch LCD touch screen, 15 and the rest of the components. According to the manufacturer, the solution guarantees "long hours of use" without heating problems.

The Sigma fp also has an external construction that protects the main components of the device from dust and water splashes, with a total of 42 points that provide extra resistance against debris. The product also brings compatibility with brand accessories already present in the market, from strips to trips, which is good news for those who already shoot with a company camera.

Despite its compact size, the camera supports several accessories. Image: Sigma / Dissemination

The product also follows the L-Mount standard, created in 2018 by companies like Leica and Panasonic especially for mirrorless cameras. Thanks to this, the user can equip different lenses and professional accessories, just use the necessary converters.

To ensure a tougher competition with smartphones, which feature increasingly powerful cameras, Sigma fp also has special capture modes. The device's electronic shutter promises agility when shooting, which can be clicked on in modes like HDR and "Cinemagraph", which makes animated GIFs that mix photos and videos.

The camera system also features advanced focus technology that includes Focus Peaking mode, which highlights the edges of the main element in the scene to improve depth of field, as well as an autofocus that measures the distance using the face or eye of the camera. People in the frame.

Sigma fp's launch in the market is expected by the end of this year, but a price has not yet been revealed. You can check the full product specifications on the manufacturer's official website.

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