Sige Lite - ERP Grátis para Linux Windows e macOS

SIGE Lite – A complete and free ERP software for Linux, Windows and macOS

They say that one of the secrets to the success of any business lies in the way it is managed. In the hands of someone who does not have the company "at their fingertips" even the largest franchises in the market can wither away. In this "middle field" enter ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to help organize and plan companies and businesses, so succeeding or not is a matter of having a good product and good marketing.

Something that has always been asked a lot here on the blog was for me to write about some cool software for this business management purpose and also run on Linux. Well, I just found an incredibly easy-to-use and feature-rich Sige Lite.

Sige Lite Download

Because it is multiplatform you can consider a mixed environment of companies with different systems and still be able to use the tool without any problems.

Accessing the official website You can download the application to your computer, in case of Linux it is distributed in AppImage, an increasingly popular, portable format that works in any distribution.

To run the application on AppImage just make sure that it has execute permissions on the file properties and execute by double clicking.

Sige Lite on Linux Sige Lite on Linux

Once installed you will be able to login with your account or create an account to use the tool for free.

Creating a Sige Lite Account Creating a Sige Lite Account

The information placed at the time of account creation will be used as the basis of information in the ERP, but as it is a software capable of issuing invoices, it is interesting to spend some time in the program settings to fill it completely.

When you log in, the first screen you will see is a very intuitive Dashboard, it will give you access to the most important information of your company:

Sige Lite

You can easily register people and products, you have a calendar that can contain information about launches that need to be made, billing and spending, all in a very visual and easy to understand way.

Here are some sample images with some dummy data so you can better see how the application works.

ERP Lite Site ERP Lite Site

In addition to being clear about receivables and payables, you can also register various bank accounts to allocate amounts.

ERP Lite Site

There is also the invoice issuing system in a simple, complete, free and that works even without internet access, that is, enough to put the blame "on the system" for not being able to finalize the sale.

ERP Lite Site ERP Lite Site

You also have a complete POS module for customer sales.

ERP Lite Site ERP Lite Site ERP Lite Site ERP Lite Site

And as you can see, you can manage customers by adding pertinent billing information, watching sales, and more.

Advanced Features and Other Features

A very interesting news that came up in the last update of Sige Lite was the integration with the Pago Market receiving system, very popular in Brazil, creation of the Free Market.

Sige Lite has this version completely free, but there is a version premium for a very good value, with monthly fees starting at just under $ 90.00 that offers you some interesting features. All that you have seen so far is in the free version, in the free version premium You have access to the Sige Cloud, the cloud sync server of the developer company, ensuring that your data is always safe. The way premium It also allows access to reports of each segment, and can be exported in PDF or spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc, and of course supported by the company, which the free version does not have.

Please note that some of the features listed here are only available in the paid version, but can be extremely useful, such as:

– Financial Management;

– Sales Gesture;

– PDF with Electronic Tax Coupon;

– Inventory management;

– Service Management;

– Purchasing Gesture;

– Fiscal Gesture;

– Export NF-e;

– Custom Documents;

– Contract Management;

– Production Gesture;

– CRM management;

– reports;

– Integration Center;

– Integration with Google Apps;

– Shipping gesture;

– SIGEP Web – Post Office;

– Task Management;

– Fleet Gesture;

– HR management;

– File management;

– Online system and more.

You can read more details about the features. on the official pageThe developers explain each detail more clearly. Even without signing the verse premium, you have plenty of support material to use the tool with a Full Help Center and a playlist on YouTube with various videos related to the operation and presentation of the tool.

I think today I was finally able to fill in one of the information gaps that lingered here on the blog for years, a good ERP software! Mission fulfilled by the visa! 🙂

I hope the information has been helpful to you, see you next time!


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