Shutterstock for iOS Launches Augmented Reality Feature to Preview Art on Your Wall

Every day, more developers open the framework ARKit Apple and the wonders of the augmented reality world, realizing how technology can leverage its appeal and the capabilities of its applications.

The latest name to get on that boat is Shutterstock.

Shutterstock in-app augmented reality feature for iOSShutterstock in-app augmented reality feature for iOS

The giant image bank (of which we are partners, by the way) recently updated its iOS app with a new feature, based on ARKit, that puts the site's over 250 million photos and arts on its wall.

Just click the button “View in Room” on the page of any image and the app will automatically open the camera, detecting the nearest wall and placing the art on it.

You can, of course, reposition the image however you like.

Shutterstock justifies the new feature with an interesting fact: platform users are increasingly using their photographs and illustrations to decorate environments in homes, businesses and offices.

With the novelty, it will be possible to have a clearer idea of ​​how a particular image will look in your environment before actually acquiring it.

Shutterstock for iOS version 4.4 brings the news, and you can try it right now as long as you have, of course, one of the compatible devices: iPhone 6s / SE and above, iPad (2017 model) and above, iPad mini from fifth generation or any iPad Pro model.

Shutterstock app icon: Stock Photos