Cruel question: Should I or shouldn't I buy a retro console?

Should I or shouldn’t I buy a retro console?

Cruel question: Should I or shouldn't I buy a retro console?

In times of relaunching eternal classics, find out if it’s worth the investment in nostalgic consoles

With the end of the year, there is nothing more fair than thinking about items that would be worth stacking under the Christmas tree. Add the nostalgia factor and the retro console is at the top of the list.

But let’s be honest … Are they worth it? Do you deliver what you promise in the end? The answer is yes and no. But for all complex questions, there are complex answers, and the intention is to explore all these questions.

Retro console: what’s more?

Cruel question: Should I or shouldn't I buy a retro console?From breathtaking visuals, the new retro consoles have the practicality and lightness of ideas that surpasses that of their ancestors.

Understand: as much as retro consoles like new Playstation Classic mini it’s the Super Nintendo provide a catalog full of classics from a time that never comes back, where everything was simpler, there is very little that they can offer that an emulator no longer does.

And it is your very simple proposal that makes all the difference: it can be a dream or a nightmare. There is no middle ground. And when the answers to your questions are so polarized, you need to step back and analyze all the pros and cons.

The pros and cons

retro consoleOne must take into account the pros and cons to end up not being disappointed.

We start with the obvious: the price. When compared to other consoles, retro has that irresistible price, much more affordable than the powerful current consoles. Don’t wait for cutting-edge graphics or cinematic plots or even interactive menus. That was never the proposal. But it is precisely all this simplicity of its interface that makes us question whether this little buddy is that much buddy.

About the interface, there is nothing to indicate that the improvements made since then have been incorporated into these new devices, which justifies the need for its use beyond nostalgia. It is special, yes, but it is not a must.

Finally, there is your design. All mini practicality is very welcome. It has that unique factor that, in addition to being a special console, is also a unique piece of decoration. But it runs the risk of remaining just that: a decorative object.

As for the catalog, it is up to you: what is important to you as a consumer. Did you feel contemplated? Did you miss some titles? Unfortunately, not all classics are available. And maybe you get bored with some titles too quickly.

The Verdict

Cruel question: Should I or shouldn't I buy a retro console?The best of these releases are the ability to remember special moments.

There are certain things that money cannot buy. Affective memories are one of them. What is so special about this retro console is that it offers first hand the unique feeling of the early days of RPG games and a glimpse of the beginning of the path.

It is a two-way street: memories x practicality. We want to make it clear that there will be some atypical deadlocks for today, but if analog is what you’re looking for, this is the perfect option.

And oh, not to mention that there is no internet connection available, so interactivity is a little compromised. But the suggestion is to take your retro console to a friend’s house and with extra control you can create new memories.