Shortcuts gain new annotation skills; Apple Configurator 2, Darkroom, and TV Time are updated

After a Monday of news, nothing beats a bunch of important and / or popular apps from App store properly updated, right? Let's go to them.


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in Apple

IPad compatibleIPhones Compatible

Version 2.2.2 (142.8 MB) Requires the iOS 12.0 or superior

Ma's automation app came in verse 2.2 with news basically related to the Grades: You can now create “recipes” to create, pin, search, or show notes, all with actions already built into the app.

In addition, it is now possible to extract numeric values ​​from texts with the "Get Entry Values", while the "Get Travel Time" shows more information such as route name, arrival time and distance. Finally, a tap on the Library tab now scrolls to the end of your shortcut list.

Apple Configurator 2

Apple Configurator 2 app icon

Another Apple app has been updated, but you may not know this Apple Configurator 2 used by companies to mass-configure corporate iPhones and iPads. With version 2.9, the app now opens Dual SIM iPhones: numbers, IMEI and ICCID of these devices are now registered in the details pane and cfgutil of the device.

In addition, the update brings new options: You can now apply restrictions on the use of Personal Access and disable Siri server logs; The configuration of the payload Transfer of Certificate.


Darkroom - Photo Editor app icon

The popular image editor for iOS, in turn, has gained some cool news. For example, it is now possible, when viewing a photo on your Camera Roll, to select the option to edit it from Darkroom is a screen with the main functions of the app appearing without you leaving the current app. To do this, simply enable the app extension in the Photos sharing menu.

In addition, Darkroom now integrates with the Archives app (Files) from iOS, so you can import and edit photos directly from your device's internal memory or from third-party services such as Dropbox; The app also removes location information from images before importing them for privacy. Finally, editor version 4.1 adds support for drag & drop latest iPads so you can move images between apps.

TV Time

TV Time app icon: Follow Series & Movie

The app to track series and compare your habits with those of your friends has gained a much-requested feature from its users: a dark way to call yours.

To enable it, simply go to the app settings and enter the “App” screen. TV Time version 7.6.0 also brings improvements to custom user lists and classifies the "watch later" option as a status. There are still bug fixes and other improvements.