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Shortcuts come to the App Store for you to automate your tasks on iOS 12

O iOS 12 has arrived and with it is also coming one of the applications that will amplify the functionality of the system more specifically from Siri. The application Shortcuts (Shortcuts), announced in the last WWDC and released in verse Golden master Last week, it is now available to all users on the App Store (the same build from GM, 1A69).

If you don't know what it is, just know that Shortcuts is an application based on the old Workflow, which was purchased by Apple in 2017 and allows you to create sequences of events, activated by Apple. Crab, to simplify your life. So you can, for example, create a “I Got Home!” Command that opens your garage door, adjusts the air conditioner, heats the kettle to make coffee, fills your bathtub, and puts on a hot song on HomePod that, Of course, considering that you have all these devices connected to HomeKit. And that you are rich, but Details

Commands, of course, go beyond HomeKit: you can create events that help you get work done by creating PDFs and sending them to a contact list, or producing GIFs automatically from Live Photos, or by tipping in a restaurant and automatically sharing the value with your friends, the possibilities are basically endless and you can explore everything in the app.

The best part is that for Shortcuts already using Workflow, Shortcuts will automatically import all your commands and everything will continue to work just as it has always done with the benefit that, by now being a native system resource, it can have access to A host of new features, such as turning on / off low power on your device, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, airplane mode and more.

Shortcuts can be downloaded right now from the App Store (if you already had Workflow, get an update). Go deep and also check out the Sharecuts website, which shares formulas which can be very useful for your life.

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Version 2.2.2 (142.8 MB) Requires the iOS 12.0 or superior