Shopping List and Discounts # 001

Games: lista de compras e descontos #002

Shopping list # 001: Check out Call of Juarez, Dead Space, Rayman and other promotions from Live, PSN and Nintendo eShop.

Today we will start this new series called Shopping list. Basically, we will list and comment on some promotions in the main game stores PSN (Sony), Live (Microsoft), Nintendo eShop, and others. See below:

Microsoft Live

First, if you are not a subscriber to Live Gold, this is a great opportunity to register. The signature of 6 months is with 40% off, leaving for R $ 35.00. Other packages are also priced promotionally, such as monthly signature (R $ 15.00) and annual subscription (R $ 89.00).

For those unaware of the benefits of being a subscriber Gold gives Live, here they go:

  • Access to matches in mode multiplayer (multiplayer), either in private (with a friend) or public mode;
  • Download free games (called “Games with Gold ”) (updated every two weeks);
  • Offers and discounts of up to 75% (updated every two weeks).

If you enter the store today, you’ll find the game Perfect Dark Zero, free for users of Live Gold.

Apart from the attraction of the free game, we have the following promotional prices:

  • Narco Terror – 75% discount;
  • Freefall Racer – 75% discount;
  • Cloudberry Kingdom – 75% discount;
  • Flashback – 67% discount;
  • Child of Light – 33% discount;
  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – 75% discount;
  • I Am Alive – 75% discount;

From this list, the highlights are for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, an excellent first-person shooter, and I Am Alive, another great game from Ubisoft launched in 2012. See below for trailers of each game:

Sony PSN +

The subscription plans for the PSN + network are also on sale. The subscription packages are: Monthly – R $ 19.99; Quarterly – R $ 34.99 and Annual – $ 99.99. Remember, the service subscription PSN + fits consoles PS3, PS4 and PSVita.

The games also got a discount. See the ones we find most interesting:

  • Dead Space 3 (PS3): free;
  • Vessel (PS3): free;
  • Rocksmith 2014 Edition (PS3): from R $ 139.99 is for R $ 97.99 (but requires the player to have the first version);
  • Muramasa Rebirth (PSVita): free.

Highlights for Dead Space 3, third chapter of the already established franchise; and Rocksmith, an excellent guitar simulator (considered by many to be the fastest method of learning to play). Follow the trailer:

Nintendo eShop

We cannot leave out the Big N, which despite not having any type of VIP access in its store, also has promotions. Let’s check out the best ones:

  • Rayman Origins, from R $ 79.90 to R $ 20.00;
  • Rayman 3D, of 179.90 for R $ 44.09;
  • Urban Trial Freestyle, from R $ 9.90 to R $ 3.90;
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D, from R $ 179.90 to R $ 44.98;

The highlight goes to the relentlessly fun Rayman Origins:

All listed games from eShop are for the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, the Brazilian store for the Nintendo Wii U is not yet available. As soon as I am, I will bring news from there too.

That was our shopping list today. Soon more promotions.