Games: lista de compras e descontos #002

shopping and discount list # 002

Games: lista de compras e descontos #002

Shopping list # 002: check out Bioshock and Etrian Odyssey on Live and Nintendo eShop.

Continuing our list of purchases and discounts, today we will bring more promotions to subscribers of Live Gold and for those who use the darling Nintendo 3DS.

THE BattleBlock Theater is a platform game worth checking out, especially if you have a friend you can play with. But today’s highlight goes to the already established franchise Bioshock with a massive discount of 57 and 75%. Below, the trailer for the first game for you to check out. Remembering that 4 DLCs are available with discounts between 33 and 50%.

In Big N, the highlight goes to the franchise Etrian Odyssey that has 2 games on sale for the 3DS:

For those who enjoy a good Classic RPG, here are two great titles. The Etrian Odyssey IV launch trailer follows:

That was our shopping list today. Soon more promotions.