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Shop sells Mac Pro with over 50% off!

O Mac pro It's been over 1,000 days without receiving an update and the abandonment (or not) of the machine has already been widely discussed here in . But obviously, there are still people who may be interested in it, especially when a store decides to sell it at a huge discount!

Mac Pro (back lit)

Of course, I am not here saying that now is a bargain, after all we are still talking about R $ 10,559.12 ( View). But if we take into account that Apple is leaving for $ 21,149.10, Saraiva's discount of an impressive 50%!

In addition to the Mac Pro, Saraiva is also selling the Magic Trackpad (the first-generation, battery-operated) for R $ 199Smart Covers for a variety of iPad models at very attractive prices, AppleCare for iPods touch for just $ 99 (instead of $ 341.10 charged by Apple), among other offers.

To whom it may concern, #fikdik. ?

(tip from Miguel Angelo)