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Shoelace Google's new event-focused social network; meet | Social networks

Google is testing a new social network called Shoelace (chunk, in free translation), aimed at connecting people from common events and interests. Developed by Area 120, the company's experimental design sector, the app, which works only on mobile – and PC, is currently only available to New York City residents. The social network aims to suggest activities for users according to their tastes and location, and allows to confirm presence or create own events.

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Shoelace the new social network tested by Google Photo: Divulgao / GoogleShoelace the new social network tested by Google Photo: Divulgao / Google

Shoelace the new social network tested by Google Photo: Divulgao / Google

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Shoelace closely resembles Facebook's event seo. According to data informed during the registration phase, such as location and personal preferences, the social network suggests daily occasions, called "Loops". The user can then confirm presence and check which people will also come to the place.

It is also possible to organize your own events and invite people. According to Shoelace's institutional website, non-users of the social network may also confirm attendance at events when invited, but it is not specified how this happens. For now, I need an invitation to try Shoelace on iPhone (iOS) or Android. You can sign up through a form to gain access, but the app is only working in New York at this time.

After the failure of Google+, which was shut down once in April by data leakage and lack of popularity, the search giant seems to be aiming for a more specific and modest social network. Instead of a comprehensive platform that runs head-to-head with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Shoelace should be a tool for making plans, discovering activities, and growing your social circle.

In 2011, Google launched a service with similar functions, Schemer, which failed and came to an end in 2014. It is also worth remembering that the company also ran Orkut, which was very successful in Brazil for years, but did not achieve the same. popularity in other countries, and ended in 2014.

Via The Next Web and The Verge

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