List of most common threats for macOS in 2019

Shlayer was the most widespread threat among Macs in 2019

According to the security company Kaspersky, the Macs have been frequent targets of Trojan (a type of malware) Shlayer. In fact, the threat infected one in ten computers in 2019, putting it ahead of several adware, which are the most common threats.

Kaspersky explained that Shlayer has been active since the beginning of 2018, but it was only last year that malware “Became popular”. More precisely, about 10% of all Macs have been attacked with it, and Shlayer alone accounts for 30% of all Macs. Trojans detected on macOS.

This wide spread was due to the fact that Shlayer is distributed on thousands of sites, many of them legitimate, and because it does not require much user interaction. In this sense, just clicking on an infected link (from advertising pages or fake messages / alerts) Trojan installed.

This includes YouTube, where links to malicious sites have been included in video descriptions, and Wikipedia, where those links are hidden in article references.

Once installed, Shlayer tries to add a new extension to Safari, showing the user a false message that the installation is complete, prompting the user to authorize its use. This creates a bridge between your computer and that of the malicious agent, who can view information and / or control navigation remotely.

Kaspersky’s report supports a survey published by Malwarebytes last December, in which the company claims that the number of malware for Macs may be increasing. In addition to Shlayer, Kaspersky also pointed out an increasing number of adware HEUR.

List of most common threats for macOS in 2019

To protect yourself and avoid infection by Shlayer or any other malware, Kaspersky recommends that users install software and updates only from trusted sources and look for more information about the websites from which they download any type of content.

via AppleInsider