Shazam vs. SoundHound: What's the song, Lombardi?

Raise your hand to those who don't use Shazam yet! This popular application is one of the most used by those who own a smartphone. Its simple and effective function, that is, to recognize a piece of ambient music. But he is not the only service that accomplishes this task. In fact, SoundHound offers the same service. Stay true to Shazam or give SoundHound a try? See the answer in our app comparison.

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With hundreds of thousands of downloads, the app takes place captive on Android's Olympus. Once upon a time, it had been considered a digital mini-revolution, and now it's normal, almost a habit. If you're listening to music in a bar and don't know it, just pull your smartphone out of your pocket and activate Shazam. In a matter of seconds the app reveals the title, the author and the album.

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Once the song is recognized, you can share it on your social networks, add it to Spotify, and listen to it on YouTube. The My Tags section saves all snippets you searched for. Shazam is available for free, but with sometimes rather invasive advertising. To remove it, I need to buy Shazam Encore, the Pro version of the app.

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Let's take a practical test: Shazam recognizes excerpts used in commercials like The Lumineers – Flowers in your hair; in games like FIFA 15, Vance Joy – Mess is mine; in old movies, Oliver Onions – Dune Baggy.

For lesser-famous songs, the app can't recognize secret hints like Rameses B – meaning of life and the unofficial Scottish national anthem sung by Amy Macdonald, but maybe it's too much to ask. Shazam identifies VNV Nation's Defiant song but does not recognize a live excerpt from U2's City of blinding eyes. The same stretch in the studio version, on the other hand, is recognized in 2 seconds.

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SoundHound offers the same service as Shazam. With a touch it is possible to individualize the title and album of the part you are listening to. The settings allow you to review the snippets searched and share the song on social networks.

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SoundHound offers you the opportunity to create a personal profile, within which you can save your searches and favorite snippets. The very different interface of Shazam, from white and blue to black and orange. To remove advertising, I need to buy the premium version.

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<p style=SoundHound also saves the searched snippets. / ANDROIDPIT

During the practice test, with the same pieces of music used with Shazam, some slight differences are noted. In less famous passages, SoundHound recognizes the Rameses B – meaning of life, but gives a different title to the hymn sung by Amy Macdonald. Another plus point is that SoundHound recognizes the title of US music even in the live version. All other songs are recognized as in Shazam.

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Which one to choose?

Keeping the classic is the best thing to do in case. The Shazam is undoubtedly the best choice. The service identifies the songs with surgical precision. And if you don't know a title, don't try to guess the song like SoundHound.

Of course, nothing prevents you from using both. SoundHound, despite the flaws, recognizes sections not identified by Shazam.

What is your impression of these two applications?

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