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Shazam gains support for Dark Mode; Fantastical 2, Pocket Casts, VLC and more are updated

O iOS 13 It's almost there and many developers have taken advantage of the new operating system release to update their applications with some of the most coveted news from this new version among them, the Dark mode.

Thus, a handful of apps have recently gained new versions with support for the new OS; These include the popular Fantastical 2 calendar, Pocket Casts podcast manager and Apple Music player Marvis Pro. In addition, the SmartGym gym app and Google News have also been updated.

Of course Apple itself would not be left out of this: it also updated the Shazam app with support for the new theme, as we will see below.


Shazam app icon

As we said, the music discovery app has been updated with support for the notorious Dark Mode, which will be one of the key features available with iOS 13.

Thus, when updating both iPhone (later) and Shazam app, it will automatically be displayed in Dark Mode whenever this feature is enabled on the device.

Dark Shazam Mode

The latest update also allows users to send music to their service. streaming favorite and share tracks with others faster. So just press and hold a song to send it to the music app. streaming your handset or then tap with two fingers anywhere on a playlist and drag it down to select multiple tracks.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 for iPhone app icon

Fantastical 2 for iPad app icon

Like Shazam, the popular iPhone and iPad calendar has also been updated with support for iOS 13 and Dark Mode, as well as improvements to the app parameters for Siri Shortcuts.

On the iPad, the app has also gained support for multiple calendar windows.

Pocket casts

Pocket Casts app icon

Acquired by National Public Radio (NPR) from the United States last year, the podcast manager was recently updated with a more commercial than software change: it is now available for free download on both iOS and Android.

A common concern with paid apps that reduce prices or become “free” is that the app's main features can only be accessed from a subscription. Fortunately, Pocket Casts version “0800” “keep all the existing features that listeners know and love”.

Pocket casts

More precisely, these features include Dark Mode, cross-platform synchronization, and the app's audio effects. Still, Pocket Casts will soon offer new subscription options for users who want to save various cloud content such as podcast episodes, audiobooks, recordings and any audio format with storage options up to 10GB.

The subscription also provide access to the web app of the browser service in general. However, if you had already acquired web access to the platform previously, you automatically win three years of Pocket Casts Plus.

VLC for Mobile

VLC for Mobile app icon

The famous media player for macOS and iOS has gained a completely new and more intuitive interface in this update. According to the developer, this was the first step for future releases that will further improve the look of the app.

The service also features a new library management code, which allows for even better organization of your music files. This allows you to browse album, genre, artists and music. In addition, playlists have your own dedicated guide now.

Finally, one could not miss it: Dark Mode support, which can be set from the app settings.

Marvis Pro

Marvis Pro app icon

We talked about Marvis Pro last June, and now the Apple Music client has received a hell of an update which naturally prioritizes support for iOS 13.

Like Shazam, Marvis Pro now has Dark Mode, which automatically activates to your device preferences (installed with iOS 13). In addition, the app can save a larger number of searches more accurately, up to 50.

Apple Music subscribers using Marvis Pro can also now enjoy or on albums and playlists by the app itself. Another visual change lets you hide the pause / change buttons on the playback screen via the app settings.

Other changes to this update include new filters and smart rules for sorting music and video, as well as hiding music categories.


SmartGym app icon: Manage Your Workout

The SmartGym gym training app has also won one of its biggest updates recently. Among the news of this version, the service app for Apple Watch is now completely independent of the iPhone.

In addition, it is possible to create new Siri Shortcuts with updated parameters. In this sense, you can define a shortcut to summarize your exercise week and then ask Siri for a summary of certain data, such as calories, heartbeat, or distance traveled.

In this version, trainers will also be able to use augmented reality to detect their students' posture, including shoulder angles during exercises however this requires an iPhone XS, XS Max, XR or later.

On iPad, you can create multiple exercise windows with multiple bookmarks, and you can view them grouped on the same screen. In addition, you can drag bookmarks between windows on the tablet, alternating them between students.

Google News

Google News app icon

Google is also preparing for the release of iOS 13 and has decided to update its news app with Dark Mode support of the new system. In addition, the company claims that it has fixed some bugs and improved app performance in this new version.

via 9to5Mac, 9to5Google