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Shashlik: The project that will bring Android Apps to Desktop Linux

Running Android applications on a desktop Linux distribution is an old goal, there are several different emulators, one of the best the genymotionBut we haven't seen anything like Shashlik so far. Android Apps on Linux Desktop I have often received this question: "If Linux-based Android, why don't Android programs run on my PC? "Although Android uses a Linux kernel the applications require different execution libraries and are usually designed to work differently as well, interacting with the hardware of the device, such as sensors by for example, processor architecture, windows managers, etc. Shashlik The open source project Shashlik ((barbecue in Russian) is a parenthesis in parenthesis, I have no idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe barbecue relationship with Android, moreover, there is no translation for Portuguese, but for English, Google Translate translates to "barbecue", so …) make it happen. It is still under development but it can already do some stunts, within its limitations, of course.

Basically what it does running Android (not completely, but necessary to run Apps) in the background while the traditional Linux Desktop environment runs normally, almost like a "Wine" but much more integrated, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčdevelopers to do with that the need to run almost a parallel system in the backgroud is decreasing over time.

I still haven't found much information about him on the internet, videos, images or the like, but I found this video demo running on Netrunner OS with the Spotify App, check it out:

I do not know what conditions of the machine was run on the above test but we can see how slow it was to start, that is, improvements need to come, at least what we expect, but anyway good to see that it is already working.

Although I haven't found a direct relationship with Netrunner on Shashlik's website, something tells me that it's only people who are involved in both projects, so much so that the official Shashlink download has only official compatibility with Ubuntu and Arch Linux, both bases. Netrunner OS, since the system launches two versions and mainly the fact that Shashlik seems to work, at least for the time being only in the KDE environment with Plasma 5, is also something that Netrunner loads, but so far the evidence unproven, no big deal …

How to test Shashlik

As I commented, "the junk" still has restrictions on operation, the first one being the KDE Plasma 5 environment, it's no use trying with another environment or KDE 4 (believe me, I tried), for now I'm just sitting and cry ", but I will create a virtual machine with Kubuntu or Manjaro to test again, if it works cool I will even make a video for you in the channel.

How to install an app?

First of all you saw you need the APK of the App you want to install, so have fun, on the internet there are several websites you can download APK, like the APK Mirror for example. Once you have installed Shashlik you will be able to install the application via the KDE Plasma 5 terminal or graphical interface. In Plasma Konsole you will navigate to the folder where you downloaded the APK you wish to test and run the following command:

/ opt / shashlik / bin / shashlik-install app_name.apk

Where app_name.apk should be replaced by the name of the App you download, it seems that you can play Flappy Bird in a good way, look: Shashlik Demo

An interesting fact about Shashlik is the integration with the operating system it provides, as you saw on the video, it can extract the APK icon and create a menu entry that provides uncomplicated execution, similar to any other conventionally installed program, All the processing is behind the interface, the only "problem" so installing Apps can still be a bit confusing for beginners, because of the commands and the like, but as it is still in natural development suppose that in the future There is a kind of "APK installer" that makes things easier, just like with gdebi today.

To increase interface compatibility, please install this package:

sudo apt-get install kde-baseapps-bin

Good for Ubuntu Phone

I do not know … but well that Canonical could inject money in this project n? Integrating Shashlik with Ubuntu could bring so much acclaimed WhatsApp to Ubuntu Phone, and breaking a huge range of applications, just an idea …

The project has open code and unlike any other type of Android emulator that exists it simply tries to integrate applications into the system giving the libraries needed to run Apps, and apparently without much weight.

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