Sharp president lets slip that next iPhones will even have OLED screens

Sharp president lets slip that next iPhones will even have OLED screens

Even before the iPhone 7 was announced, we already had some rumors of the device that Apple is expected to announce next year. Last week, the Nikkei Asian Review strengthened the rumor previously brought by Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities), who said that the next iPhones would have the glass back, and the AppleInsider cited rumors that they would come with AMOLED screens.

Despite this recent buzz, the Nikkei now published that Ma would be planning to adopt the technology OLED at least on the screen of the larger model to come next year. The confirmation would have come from the president of the Sharp, Tai Jeng-wu, who told students at Tatung University where did you go to receive the title of doctor honoris causa that “the iPhone has been evolving and is now changing from LTPS to OLED“.

There are two factors that make this confirmation a little more tangible: the first that Sharp was purchased by Foxconn old known to us for being the leading manufacturer of iDevices and Tai is also an executive within that company; the second factor that Bloomberg published last month that Sharp would already be negotiating with Apple to offer company OLED screens for the next models of iPhones.

In addition to confirming this news, Tai commented on Ma and also offered some new manufacturing details.

We don't know if the OLED on Apple iPhones will be a success, but if Apple takes that path and transforms its technology, there will be no innovation. it is a crisis, but also an opportunity. We are building new OLED screen manufacturing facilities in Japan. We can manufacture them in the United States, too; if our main customer requires us to manufacture in the USA, how can we not?

And while some of us think the rumors of a device from next year are exaggerated, since this year's device hasn't even arrived in Brazil yet, technology companies seem to judge the rumors to be something really serious. This is because the Korean website BusinessKorea said that Samsung and LG will jointly invest more than $ 11 billion in the flexible screens that Apple is supposed to use on the “iPhone 8”. Although Samsung already uses OLED screens on several of its devices, it would have invested more than $ 4 billion in these flexible screens in the fourth quarter of this year alone. This “race” seems to have really intensified, as the website reports, but there is no certainty that it has to do with Ma, even if it is very suspicious.

Anyway, it would not be the first time that rumors about an Apple product would move other companies in a way that they want to get ahead. Still, we still basically have a long year ahead of us to hear more rumors of Ma's next smartphone

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