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Share YouTube videos with your Instube followers!

There is no denying that the YouTube reigns over video sharing social networks. However, let's face it: the organization and suggestion of videos of the channels to which you are subscribed are diffused and may vary by platform. That is, the user can not keep up with all the news precisely by not having feed It's organized like Instagram, for example, which would be even better if it offered us the option of being chronological again, of course.

Sharing video on Instube

If you agree with my point of view, then surely stick to the app Instub, developed by Mentor Neto. As its name suggests, the app works like Instagram only for YouTube!

In addition to an interface similar to Facebook's social photo network, it is very simple to interact with Instube: just share a YouTube video directly in the app and publish. The video will appear to all your followers, who can like and comment on posts.

Instube Publishing

The app also offers the option to customize the title and the time frame (period) of the video you intend to share. Similarly, other users may add hashtags to videos so they can be found more easily in the app's internal search.

Waiting for what to start sharing your favorite videos? 😉

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