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“Share Your Gifts”: Apple releases its beautiful Christmas commercial this year along with other videos

Anyone who has been following Apple's Christmas commercials for years knows that they are always differentiated, many of them award winners. This year, I think the guys have outdone themselves.

The title "Share Your Gifts", which can be translated literally to "Share Your Gifts" but also generates a secondary interpretation of something like "Share Your Gifts". A good balcony, since.

Check out the main video:

Have you ever created something fantastic but were too afraid to share it?

The commercial's music “Come out and play, by Billie Eilish, who stars in one of the secondary videos of the campaign just talking about musical creation on your iMac and iPhone:

"I think having fun on a show like you becomes better."

Here we see how Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell created music using an iMac and iPhone for "Share Your Gifts".

Then a video on the editing process:

"I don't want viewers to see the issue, I want them to remember a feeling."

Here, we see Marianne Karaan creating stories with her editions on the iMac.

The next video on the color work:

"Once I have identified the emotions, I start testing colors to see what looks best."

Here, we see how Deborah Cruchon creates stories using color on her MacBook Pro.

Finally, a general video of making of of the campaign that impressed me a lot by the fact that the commercial is not 100% made in computer graphics; the whole royal scene, which certainly gives it a special air.

Be sure to watch:

See how the team brought Sofia and her world to life.

Apple, congratulations. How sensational.